Pearson Professional Development Webinar Series for 2019: 
Developing Individuals

Re Thinking Success in the English Classroom

Martin Villarreal

What do pizza boxes, peeping into diaries, or sitting on the grass as you and your students sip away some cold Coke have to do with giving your students a mark? There are, for sure, a number of innovative ways to evaluate your students. The purpose of this talk is to present an inventory of formats for formative assessment and useful tips on how to use them and to reflect on the need to give yourself a better chance get to know your students´ strengths and weaknesses by “kidwatching”, rather than testing.

Graduated as a Profesor en Inglés e Inglés Técnico at Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He is also a Licenciado en Lengua Inglesa from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Martin also holds a Certificado de Profesor Especialista en Fonética y Fonología Inglesas from INSPT-UTN.
Who should participate?
Classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, literacy specialists, and staff developers.