Pearson Professional Development Webinar Series for 2019: 
Developing Individuals

Educating with Happiness

Laura Szmuch

One of the greatest challenges of Education these days is to strike a balance between great academic definitions and the art of leading a meaningful life. Envision a learning space where there is room for self-care and there is an active engagement to create a respectful and compassionate atmosphere. Imagine a classroom in which apart from teaching the language you can include practices such as meditation, yoga, mindfulness, breathing with awareness, creative writing. In this webinar, you will get effective ideas to motivate and inspire yourself and your students. We will see examples of activities to foster a caring classroom and to promote tenderness and “buen trato”, and where the students’ emotional needs exist at the center of the interactions.

Laura Szmuch es educadora (profesora de inglés, egresada del INSP “Dr. Joaquín V. González”), coach transformacional modelo ontológico y con PNL, y entrenadora en PNL. Estudió Neuropsicoeducación e hizo el Master en Psicología Cognitiva y Aprendizaje de las universidades FLACSO y UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). Es instructora de Yoga Integrativa, yogaterapeuta y facilitadora holística.
Who should participate?
Classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, literacy specialists, and staff developers.