Pearson Professional Development Webinar Series for 2019: Developing Individuals

Skills development 101: final toolkit to start leading the change in education

Mónica Rodriguez Salvo

We educate to offer our students the skills they need for life. But is the knowledge we are offering enough to prepare them to navigate the world outside? We need to bring to our classrooms the flavour of diversity, curiosity, team-playing, and exploration; associating learning with fun, helping them re-shape knowledge and thus, become their own sources of inspiration and drive. Skills development is about fostering creativity, civil engagement and flexibility. How many of those are actively being developed in the classroom? This workshop will focus on revalidating our role as educators, having a broader look at our approach as English Teachers. I invite you to look at practical ways to implement all the ideas developed in this series of webinars, from formative assessment to quality feedback; from inclusion to the power of games. Happiness in education, social and emotional learning... they all create threads to be interwoven, so as to help our students become the best version of their future selves.

Monica is a graduate teacher and sworn public translator and holds a post-graduate degree in Human Resources. She is a certified Neurolanguage Coach accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and is a Mindfulness practitioner graduated from University of California (UCLA). She also holds a diploma in Social and Emotional Learning from San Diego University. As a teacher trainer, she has delivered professional development courses on various topics. She specializes in Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness for Education. She currently runs her own Educational Institution, InspirED Consultora Educativa. She has presented extensively in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, UK, Peru, Germany and France".
Who should participate?
Classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators, literacy specialists, and staff developers.