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International fluency: The communication needs of the 21st Century.
What is communication today? Is it words, sounds, images...? Or combination of all of them, with a sprinkling of emojis and a side order of slang, written in a multitude of isolated sentences and paragraphs presented using a variety of means and media? Find out how English Code, Pearson’s exciting and innovative new ELT series for primary, approaches the challenges of preparing today’s primary students for the communications needs of tomorrow’s world.
November 3rd
15:00 Central America, Mexico
16:00 Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
17:00 Bolivia
18:00 Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
Desarrollo creativo en el aula utilizando la tecnología
La transformación en la educación requiere que nos atrevamos a pensar de manera disruptiva. Esto implica que seamos capaces de mirar y analizar los espacios educativos desde una postura flexible e innovadora donde los principales agentes de la educación (instituciones, docentes, alumnos, padres de familia) participemos de manera proactiva.
Noviembre 26
16:30 Central America
17:30 Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
18:30 Bolivia
19:30 Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
Pearson English Webinar Series: Ready for what's next...

Choose from six topics and more than 20 sessions from specialist speakers. 

Our topics: We’ve created a programme based on feedback from thousands of educators from around the world who responded to our Global Teacher Survey. Each day focuses on one of the key topics they highlighted: Addressing lost learning, supporting blended and online learning, maximising potential using digital platforms and tools, assessment, mental health and wellbeing, and building confidence.

Our specialists: Each webinar is hosted by an expert. Speakers such as Ken Beatty, Hugh Dellar, Rachael Roberts, Sue Kay, Andrew Walkley and Vaughan Jones will bring you practical, up-to-date advice, guidance and techniques to support your teaching, and fresh ideas for now and the future.

From 10-19 November
Designing effective Learning Experiences
Do you want to learn how to incorporate effective group work and the importance of self assessment and reflection?
October 29th
16:30 Central America
17:30 Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
18:30 Bolivia, Paraguay
19:30 Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
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