The Essentials of Assessment for Learning

por Leonor Uribe
Moderador: Alejandrina Vargas


In a standards and certifications-driven educational system, quality assessment is relevant to determine how much learning really takes place in the classroom.

The focus of educational programs is shifting from having students who pass or fail, towards helping all students succeed in their own learning path. This is exactly where Assessment for Learning becomes a key foundation to assure the accuracy of classroom assessment in measuring students' progress and ultimately if they are learning. In this webinar, the essentials of Assessment for Learning will be discussed as well as how it can be incorporated into daily classroom routines.


Leonor Uribe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and Translation from Universidad EAN in Bogota. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching by CENEVAL, as well as a Certificate of Advanced English and ICELT diploma by Cambridge University. A big fan of Mexican culture and traditions, Leonor was born in Colombia, and has lived in Mexico for more than 10 years, and she has taught English to young learners, teenagers and adults in prestigious schools in Mexico City, Barranquilla and Bogota. Involved in teaching English and content, especially in bilingual schools for more than 15 years, Leonor is currently working as an Academic Consultant for Pearson Mexico, developing and delivering teacher training courses. She holds the Master Trainer Certificate by Pearson, and her areas of interest are literacy instruction for young EFL students, student-centered learning, and technology.